Marcel Thomassen

Infento Inc.

I was born and raised in the Netherlands / Europe, and live since 2000 in Canada. I am specialized in designing state of the art, interlocking pavers, slabs and garden walls. All my designs are unique and innovative.

From 2000 to 2009, I have worked as Director R&D and senior Designer for Permacon/Oldcastle APG and as Director R&D for Transpave in Quebec. In 2009 I started to design for myself and in 2011 I incorporated under the name Infento Inc.

The rules by which I design are simple:

1. A design has to be unique and good looking.
2. A design needs to have a competitive advantage.
3. Preferably the design could be protected with Intellectual Property.
4. Installation must be easy to understand by the end user/installer.
5. Easy and fast installation.

We work together with existing Licensees and potential customers especially in North America to develop new innovative designs for their market. Our input is our expertise and knowledge in developing new products, combined with our 40 years of experience with the production of dry-cast products. There are obvious advantages for both parties, first of all, I am able to “slow down” a bit by being semi-retired, and the customer will get the product that they really want, designed with the help of an experienced designer. The customer will OWN the product and the Intellectual Property, at a “onetime fee” without having to pay any License Fees in the future.

Some of the companies that we have designed for